It was all better in the past!?

Longing to our past is a natural things in 2012 when society was changing. We longed to a time in the past with a period of technical change with social media and streaming like Netflix. And upcoming trend was Steampunk people were looking back at the industrialisation. Now in the 20ties we had our time with corona that shaken society and now I see a reaction to longing to the 80ties. The (dark) wave it the “new goth” and cover bands have more gigs then there existing originals.

For me? During corona I started to long to talking about my old work while my yarn shop had to close for safety. Hanging around on socials finding old contacts and inspirations. Some I left behind years ago. After corona I had to stop de shop and found a new creative job. That give me even more time and rest to drown in the river of nostalgia.

And there we have the fear of nostalgia. The desire to swim against the stream of life is an illusion to swim to safety. In the end it will only exhaust us and we will drown. But still sometimes we need a small swim against the stream to see what direction we need to go.

What I do to prevent drowning? Well now I still sorting all my old archives and finished projects that I should have finished a long time ago. For me I helps to close the tabs in my head but I won’t forget where I come from.

The quotes are:

It was all better in the past!

Wij do we have a desire to another time?

Nostalgia is the denial of the painfull present (- quote from Midnight in Paris)

Nostalgia is a new folk disease.

We desire to the Gulden (- a quote that Wilders uses it a lot to win souls)

The first blog, the worst to write

Last year a lot has changed for me. New job, say goodbye to my own yarn shop. But then what to do? During corona I got in  touch with some old contacts. So I 2023 ended up in longing to a balance of my old photography work. But after 10 years you are not the same anymore and time hasn’t stand still. And still I don’t know where to start. Well I made a start of sorting out my old portfolio, but still then what???

Here is a short introduction about me. I have studied multimedia Design and Documentary Photography art the Art Academy. I’m Dutch and I always get confused when people talk German. My English is fine, not perfect. During my study I found a love for music but to shy to sing so I did concert photography. That ended up in working 5 years on Noize Magazine, and still for me the best experience of my life. In 2005 I started my own yarn and haberdashery shop from 2007 till 2023 I have had a local store. But with corona and everything in the world I couldn’t find my happiness. In 2023 I have joined the local opera choir, and on the Bühne I felt the magic again that I fled during my time with Noize Magazine.

In 2023 I also found out I’m hyperacoustic which was a painful eyeopener. As I also work as a crochet pattern designer I need to go to events to promote my work and I love festivals. But my hearing thinks quickly it’s to much. But I found out that I can enjoy singing and listing to music. But a 50 ore more talking in a room  is a problem for my hearing, just like soprano’s. High tunes and uncontrolled sound are a fight in my head.

So I slowly find my way again.

I just told myself only do what makes me happy.

What do I do now?
– My daily job doing creative Activities with disabled
– Design crochet patterns (mostly in Dutch)
– Sing in the local opera choir.
– Enjoy my children

Can I add blog to the list? Because I just made my first blog.
Well we will see where it will go. I’m open for projects as long as it think it’s fun.

Do what makes you happy,