My workshop closed

How my workshop is going from almost ready to work in again to a nightmare. So I just finished my workshop a few months ago. Started to sort out my old photography and re-edit them. Well that just got on a hold. Also my just stet up recording set is there. Why?

We have a major leak in the roof!! And it’s raining for half a year now in the Netherlands. So a few months ago we discovered damage on the ceiling. So they did a roof inspection and there is a leak, and we are waiting till it will be fixed. Last week when we tried to pick up some project an reorganise my company we found out it got on the point that it’s unhealthy to work.

We brought my old handmade art downstairs so my winter sorting out project become my summer project. And when I can photoshop again I have to see, I guess I have to do a edit marathon in the summer holiday in my living room.  

And now?
Well it’s a good time for me to focus on some writing. And test my new IPhone by making little video’s where I sing some covers. I guess I really never sit still!!

With L♡ve