The first blog, the worst to write

Last year a lot has changed for me. New job, say goodbye to my own yarn shop. But then what to do? During corona I got in  touch with some old contacts. So I 2023 ended up in longing to a balance of my old photography work. But after 10 years you are not the same anymore and time hasn’t stand still. And still I don’t know where to start. Well I made a start of sorting out my old portfolio, but still then what???

Here is a short introduction about me. I have studied multimedia Design and Documentary Photography art the Art Academy. I’m Dutch and I always get confused when people talk German. My English is fine, not perfect. During my study I found a love for music but to shy to sing so I did concert photography. That ended up in working 5 years on Noize Magazine, and still for me the best experience of my life. In 2005 I started my own yarn and haberdashery shop from 2007 till 2023 I have had a local store. But with corona and everything in the world I couldn’t find my happiness. In 2023 I have joined the local opera choir, and on the Bühne I felt the magic again that I fled during my time with Noize Magazine.

In 2023 I also found out I’m hyperacoustic which was a painful eyeopener. As I also work as a crochet pattern designer I need to go to events to promote my work and I love festivals. But my hearing thinks quickly it’s to much. But I found out that I can enjoy singing and listing to music. But a 50 ore more talking in a room  is a problem for my hearing, just like soprano’s. High tunes and uncontrolled sound are a fight in my head.

So I slowly find my way again.

I just told myself only do what makes me happy.

What do I do now?
– My daily job doing creative Activities with disabled
– Design crochet patterns (mostly in Dutch)
– Sing in the local opera choir.
– Enjoy my children

Can I add blog to the list? Because I just made my first blog.
Well we will see where it will go. I’m open for projects as long as it think it’s fun.

Do what makes you happy,